PGS Group

PGS - Pool Graphic Service is the result of a developmental process which involves three companies: Nuova KBN srl, Kilo Byte Service srl and D.P.O. srl. The process stands on two key points: service efficiency and constant research for innovative technologies to compete in the evolving markets of Graphic Arts and Packaging.


Consolidation of PGS Group's position as a provider of technical and advisory assistance, spare parts, consumables, Graphic Art industry and Packaging industry machines to compete in a constantly evolving markets.


Our customer is our primary resource. From the very beginning, our prerogative is the creation of relationships based on mutual trust, exchange and directness. Indeed, we guarantee quality and inexpensive services and products thanks to innovative technologies and our skilled staff's know-how. Our purpose is our customers' full satisfaction and the establishment of a long-term, fruitful collaboration with them.



Our staff recognises, accepts and shares the values which constitute PGS' code of ethics: honesty and integrity towards customers, providers and partners who have faith in PGS Group.

Faith which PGS reciprocates with high-quality and efficient services which comply current regulations. Furthermore, our prerogatives are the safety of the workplace and the confidentiality of customers and partners' personal information.


Our team is composed of experts with a long-standing experience in the field of Graphic Arts and Packaging industries. Moreover, thanks to our network of national and international commercial partners (Hong Kong, China, Germany, Turkey, United Kingdom) we can promptly meet our customers' needs.