LithoScan Professional

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LithoScan Professional

Technical data

The LithoScan Professional is a universal measuring system for the online adjustment of print quality. It is able to measure the density of ink on the control strip and all the spectrophotometric and colorimetric values on the image. The basic system is composed of an aspiration table with a coated measuring board for colours and ink, according to DIN standards. The innovative air cushion probe is combined with a densitometer and a spectrometer; it moves up to 0.7 m/s of speed. The system offers a wide range of features to optimize the print quality.


- Colorimetry (visual sensitivity) and densitometry (ink) in a single system

- No chromatic collimation, but measuring and quality control Ink density control on the machine

- Process control with the spectrometer (fouling, ink drawing, set-off, enlargement of points)

- High and stable quality, even for large coverage

- Quality standards for the press coverage as proof of quality according to DIN ISO 9000

- Significant reduction in start-up timelines

- Perfect joint ring between pre-press and printing

- Easy-fitting to different machines

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